7 Birthday Gifts to Get Your Lady Friend


She’ll love you for these thoughtful gift ideas.


Being a lady’s man doesn’t just mean charming her with your wit, but also by giving her appropriate gifts for her age and personality. So if you are looking for gifts to win over your lady friend, check out these seven birthday gifts for a woman. They will help you woo them in style and add a little fun to their birthday party!

One of the great things about being with someone is creating narratives about your mutual life together. This is why it is fun to celebrate your birthday together. If you have been dating for a long time, there are probably many shared memories between the two of you.

  • DIY Birthday Cards

Gifts don’t always have to be materialistic. Think of the simplest and most personal things you can give to your girlfriend for her birthday. Making her a DIY birthday gift card is one of them. It is definitely not the easiest thing to do, but it will be a great way of showing that you can create something.

  • Engraved Jewelry Set

A jewellery set includes anything from necklaces to bracelets. Being with your girlfriend for a long time means that you have both been through a lot. This makes it especially pleasant to give her something that she can wear together with her other jewellery. Even if you are not a jewellery person, this is one gift that will surely not go out of style.

  • Spa Package

Spa packages are still a trendy gift for women to give. Think of the best spots you know and make a gift package with her favourite products. Some of them might be things that she has always wanted but didn’t have the money to buy herself.

Perhaps, you can open curated gift boxes filled with skincare products, beauty products and accessories. It is like a gift that is personalized to her precisely.

  • Flowers and candy

Many people give flowers as gifts for a woman’s birthday. However, you can also try giving her candy instead. There is something about providing sweet things for a woman’s birthday that just feels very romantic. You can even combine it with other kinds of gifts to make the whole set very special.

  • Dinner

Efforts definitely go a long way to win over your lady friend. You can plan a lovely dinner together with her where you prepare her favourite dishes. Make the gift more personal by including her favourite foods, candles and even some of her pictures in photo frames that you can put on the dining table.

  • Spa dates

Spa dates are something that can be done a couple of days before your girlfriend’s birthday. It can be anything from having massages to going for a hike in the mountains. Perhaps, the girl you are in love with can relax and learn more about who you are as a person. It also helps to refresh her mind and body. If you want to make the whole experience more memorable, think of anything she loves, like a movie or even some lovely tulips.

  • Dress shirt

Another way to create a unique birthday gift for your lady is to go for something a little more personal. One of the things you can give her this year is a dress shirt or even a pair of dress pants. It is an item that she can wear anywhere.

Gifts should be picked not because they are expensive but because they say something about the person you want to give them to. For example, the kind of birthday gift you will give your girlfriend says something about your relationship with her. It says that you care about her and want to be with her.

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