Planning To Get A Tuxedo? Check This Guide!


The contemporary man needs at least a couple of tuxedos in his wardrobe. Getting it right, of course, can be confusing, especially if you have never purchased one. In this post, we are sharing more on what men must know about tuxedos.

Is a tuxedo same as a suit?

No! Most people think of tuxedo as a black suit that has a bow tie. Fortunately, a well-tailored tuxedo is much more than that. An evident difference is in use of silk satin, which is used for tuxedos, especially on lapels. In case of standard suits, the fabric used for the jacket and pants is typically the same fabric. The jacket buttons of a tuxedo is also conventionally covered in silk – something you won’t see in suits.

When to wear a tuxedo?

A tuxedo is a notch up above your regular suit and is best selected for special events, such as weddings and private parties. When a man is wearing the perfect tuxedo, it can be assumed that he is going to attend something really important. Some formal events, office parties and corporate gatherings do have a dress code that may mention tuxedo, so you know it’s a must.

Getting your first tuxedo

Of course, your first tuxedo has to be tailormade, and you will find a bunch of made-to-measure men clothing brands in your city. They can help you select all the minute details, so that you have a tuxedo that stands out. From the fabric, to the style & fit, everything will made to suit your body and personality. It goes without saying that tuxedos are typically more expensive than suits, and that price is worth paying. We recommend that you select the best possible custom clothing store to get your first tuxedo, and don’t hesitate to spend a tad more – This is something you will own and wear for years to come.

Things to know

Selecting the jacket for your tux is often overwhelming because there are minute details that can make a difference. In fact, the jacket of your tux eventually decides the final look. Discuss with your dresser or designer about the fabric, the kind of lapels that will work best, buttons, so that you can create a custom look. Notch lapels are more common and you can consider that for business suits too.

Check online now for the best men’s clothing brands and get your tux tailored to perfection.

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