Tips on choosing the best diamond for an engagement ring


Engagement is the most prestigious thing in one’s life. If you want to choose a lavish Diamond ring for your partner then you have to research lots of designs. So you should go through all Diamond layouts which should make your partner fall in love with you all over again by having a look at that ring.

Here some of the steps to be followed to choose the best diamond for your partner.

Figure out the shape of the diamond

The first thing that you have to do for selecting the diamond is the shape. Many people will get confused with the shapes, so to avoid these go for a round diamond. Because a round diamond has more of an elegant and boojee appearance. They fit all kinds of ring designs and settings. By considering other factors like price and quality of the product, round diamonds are the cheapest. The ratio of Length to width has a crucial impact on the shape of the diamond. Every Diamond has its own length to width ratio so that u can feel the difference between the diamonds of similar shapes such as narrow cut, square cut, rectangular Princess cut.

Pick out the carat size

The other most important thing while selecting a diamond or golden engagement ring is the carat size. It is based upon the budget you have, go with the diamonds having weights such as 1/2 carrot, 3/4 carrot, 1 carrot etc.., because these diamonds can be sold up to lower price compared to diamonds having full weight. In fact, the lower carat weight diamond may have a diameter equal to that of the diamond having full carrot weight. The extensively used carrot size for engagement rings are between one and two carrots. If you are running on tight budget then go for 0.75 carrot ring then go for a marquise cut, because it seems larger than other shapes having the same carrot size due to its prolonged cut.

Quality first

You might get an eternity ring with tons of diamonds all around, but what is an eternity ring with low quality diamonds? Pick an original diamond that shines as bright as your significant other’s smile. The factor that should be considered while buying a diamond ring is quality. To have the fairest quality choose the range from VS1 to VS2 diamond. Because these diamonds seem to be seem appealing and attractive to the eye. The next prominent range is SI1.

Diamond cut grade

While choosing a ring the most essential thing is the cut of the diamond. The cut grades for diamonds are already assigned by GIA. Cut grade is the most important thing that is determined in the appearance of the diamond, because an inadequate cut grade diamond will have a bad look even if it is having high clarity and quantity. Nowadays sellers are making their own grade cuts which are not certified by the GIA so be sure on what you are paying for. Before purchasing a diamond ring be sure about the cut grades.

Colour of the diamond

Coming to the colour of the diamond, most of the people do not get an idea of colour on diamonds unless the diamonds are kept side by side. Identifying the colours is much harder once the diamond kept in a ring. There are just slight differences, but the colours are all different shades of white.

Get a certified diamond

Only acquire diamonds that are certified by a reliable lab. Do not accept certification by the merchandiser. And also keep your certificate of buying it in a safe place.

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