Swimwear for women: how to choose the one that will make you look good?


Before strutting around on the beach or learning to swim, choose your new swimsuit. If it seems simple on the surface, the exercise sometimes turns out to be a real headache!

Trying on a Berrylook women’s swimwear is often a dreaded moment before summer because it is at this time that we realize the small pounds gained during winter and that it is high time to get into sport.

To make the fitting go as smooth as possible, first of all consider eating light the day before and the day of the fitting. The lighter you feel, the more comfortable you will feel in front of the mirror.

Ask a friend or your sister to come with you to give you her opinion. Do not hesitate to put on a little self-tanning cream to put yourself in a situation and bring out the colors of your swimsuit.

Do not be too hard on yourself because in a cabin you are not always to your advantage and it is difficult to imagine yourself on the beach.

If you have to choose, however, a swimming suit, think more about the comfort of the material and mobility at the shoulders. Sexy swimsuit for lazing on the beach or a sporty swimsuit suitable for aqua gym? White bikini or flashy red one-piece swimsuit? Here are our tips to help you find your swimsuit.

What shape of swimsuit to choose?

One-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit will be more practical for sports activities: aqua gym session, swimming. For better support of the chest, it is necessary to favor swimming or crossed backs.

The one-piece swimsuit also helps to camouflage some curves at the waist.

The bikini (or two-piece swimsuit)

The two-piece women’s swimwear comes in many shapes, both for the top (bandeau, triangle, push up, bra) and for the bottom (low waist panties, boyshorts, swimsuit tied on the sides, Brazilian swimsuit). In all cases, you will have to take your morphology into account.

The trikini

The trikini is a fairly recent form that is located halfway between the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit: at the front the swimsuit is made up of two pieces linked together at the belly. At the back, the trikini will be the same as a bikini with a distinct top and bottom.

Very trendy this summer, the trikini adapts exclusively to the finest body types (without bulges), with small breasts (there is not much support at the level of the breasts).

Avoid the trikini if ​​your skin marks easily in the sun: the traces of tan may be difficult to camouflage afterwards!

The tankini

The tankini is also a mix between the bikini and the monokini: it has the appearance of a one-piece swimsuit, but consists of panties and a tank top. The tankini is perfectly suited to curvy women.

What color of jersey to choose?

To choose a color of Berrylook cheap clothing that will enhance you, you must take into account the color of your skin and the intensity of your tan.

For fair skin, you should favor dark swimsuits and neutral colors. More tanned skin can dare flashy colors and white, which will contrast nicely with their tan.

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