Going to an 80’s-Themed Party? Here’s How to Dress Yourself


Style trends come and go. But, retro styles of the 80s have been taking runways, where fashion enthusiasts witness roomy blazers, oversize coats, bold sweaters, and tapered trousers. The 80’s fashion for women was about broad shoulders, exaggerated silhouettes, and bright colors.

These days, themed parties are popular and you can be invited to one. That is why you want to know what exactly to wear to this party and how to resurrect the appearance and feel of the groovy and fun 80’s, so you can fit in. This article gives some tips on how you can dress for an 80’s party:

Pay Attention to the Basics

The 1980s was the period of excess and people like the extremes. From fabrics to colors to hair, accessories, and layers, enthusiasts can’t get enough of fashion pieces. If you want to dress yourself up for a party with an 80’s theme, prepare yourself to go for something neon, candy-colored heels, shoulder pads, and layers.

The Decade Was About Neon Colors

The 80’s saw an overabundance of fabric in neon colors. But, it can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe without looking outdated. If you wear bright colors, choose an area to feature it, so you don’t overkill your outfit. An awesome 80s costume is composed of a neon-colored oversized top paired with black jeggings or skinny jeans. For your accessories, wear a dark-colored round-toe platform pump along with a colorful clutch.

Big Shoulders Define Style in the 80’s

In the 1980s women wear clothing with huge, defined shoulders. This is the reason shoulder pads were everywhere back then. Today, you can rock shoulder pads without a modern flair by wearing a form-fitting dress with pronounced shoulders or try a military-inspired jacket.

Layers Were Everything

Women in the 80’s mastered the art of layering clothing. This was achieved by wearing oversized sweaters, tank tops, legwarmers, and socks. Thankfully, these pieces are still in many people’s wardrobes and can be transformed into a cool party outfit.

Tulle Skirts and Dresses Were the Cutest

This outfit must be worn on special occasions like nights out. Wearing tulle is meant for you to have fun, so find skirts and dresses that showcase flirty, feminine designs, beautiful pastels, and bold colors. Try to limit your accessories to maintain a modern appeal. A tulle dress looks perfect when paired with a bootie while a tulle skirt goes great with pumps or strappy sandals.

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