Plan To Get A New Piercing? Check These Dos And Don’ts!


Almost every other celeb has weird piercings, and let’s admit it – It’s fancy and enthralling, despite the pain. If you intend to get a new piercing, the first thing you must know is the pain associated with piercings may vary by body parts. In other words, an ear piercing wouldn’t hurt as much as a conch, or tongue piercing. In this post, we are sharing the right dos and don’ts that every piercing enthusiast needs to know.

The dos

  1. Find the right studio. Believe it or not, this one thing makes a big difference. You can ask around to get references, or simply, just check online for reviews of the best studios around you. The good thing is these studios often have the best of piercing jewlery, as well, so you can decide what you want to wear.
  2. Follow the aftercare instructions. Most piercing artists will tell you wash the area with soap and water, or sterile solution, after the piercing is done, for twice a day. Do not do anything else, unless suggested.
  3. Eat healthy. Your body treats the piercing as an injury and will need good food to heal. Make sure that you are always hydrated, eat balanced meals every single day before and after the piercing.
  4. Ask for needle piercing. It is a common misconception that guns are better for piercing because the pain will be considerably lower. Truth be told, needles are much more precise and there is hardly any pain involved, as long as you select a good artist.
  5. Talk to the artist, if needed. Sometimes, despite the best efforts, piercings can go wrong. Let your artist know, and if he recommends, see a doctor.

The don’ts

  1. Sleep on your piercing. That can actually cause pain and unwanted trauma to the piercing.
  2. It is okay for piercing to hurt a bit, and as long as there is nothing peculiar, do not panic.
  3. Use makeup products. Perfume, makeup products, and certain other products can actually irritate your pierced area. Avoid the same for a few weeks.
  4. Don’t overclean. You just need to clean your piercing twice a day, and not more than that.

Also, be careful if you intend to rotate your piercing. It can help to get the debris out of the hole, but again, don’t attempt the same if the area is dry. You can try rotating the jewelry when you are cleaning the area.

Huck Milky
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